Visa for Expansion of Foreign (L-1) Visa

Visa for Expansion of Foreign (L-1) Visa2017-08-31T11:26:18+00:00

For small and medium size companies overseas who dream of expanding their business to the U.S., the Intra-Company Transfer visa (L-1) can often be the solution. SMA specializes in L-1 visas, allowing for companies to begin a start-up business in the U.S. and to send a manager to execute the company’s business expansion plan. This visa can be renewed for up to a total of seven years and can also serve as a platform for a green card application.

The visa has few requirements. The corporate executives, managers or employees with specialized knowledge, the requirement is that that person currently be working, or has worked for at least one continuous year in the past 3 years before applying. The foreign company must be related in a specific manner to the U.S. company, which acts as the sponsor of the visa. These valid legal relationships include parent/subsidiary relationship or by being the same or an affiliate employer, or a joint venture partner. In order to assist start-up companies, SMA helps to incorporate the U.S. entity, draft its legal operating documents, works on the business plan which is needed for the visa presentation, and then assists with the visa petition procedure. Once the beneficiary has received his visa, we provide legal representation and advice on business matters.

For already established multi-national companies which may have a policy of international rotation of managerial level personnel or need to move employees with specialized knowledge to implement or assist with the opening of new offices or installation of new technologies, SMA is also there to help.