Joanna Mattes was born in Bonn, Germany. After school, she moved to Siegen to study German law and European business law at the University of Siegen.

After completing her Bachelor’s degree in 2014, she interned at a large corporation in Bonn, followed by working at a Berlin law firm, where she dealt with different cases concerning media and copyright law. Before coming to the U.S. to work at SMA, she also worked for a start-up, thus becoming immersed in the growing Berlin start-up movement.

In these different positions, she gained experience in handling legal questions and personal requests for clients and developing business strategies that helped the companies expand. These opportunities gave her a good understanding of business setup and expansion throughout Europe from a legal perspective, as well as insights into the business administration of companies.

In 2016, she started her Master’s studies in Business Law at University of Wismar next to the Baltic Sea, where she specialized in International Business, with a specific focus on comparative legal systems. With a new gained heightened interest in learning the legal system of the U.S., specifically in the field of immigration law. She finished her studies in Germany with a Master of Laws in November 2017 and immediately joined the SMA Law Group team.

Joanna’s passions include running and swimming.