Irina Beschieriu grew up in Iasi, Romania, where she graduated, with a Master’s Degree in European Law and Bachelor’s Degree in Law and Legal Sciences, from the Faculty of Law of “Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University, the oldest and most famous university in Romania. Her graduation papers focused on International Conflict Law and European Security.

Irina started her career as a Public Procurement expert for an important project management consultancy company in Romania, working with the public authorities that managed big infrastructure construction projects and historical monuments rehabilitations. Prior to joining SMA, she managed the international Business Process Outsourcing agreements, as Contracts Manager, for Xerox Corporation. She is a nationally certified Trainer, Procurement Expert, Project Manager and Expert in Enterprise Legal Diagnosis.

Irina took an interest in the American history and legal system during her high school years and decided to try immigration law in order to get a first-hand and real-life experience of how people from all over the world make their American dream come true.