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Building the Mexican Wall and Why It Won’t Solve America’s Illegal Immigration Problem

Building the Mexican Wall  and Why It Won't Solve America's Illegal Immigration Problem One of the hot topics in the U.S. presidential campaigns was what should be done with America's illegal/undocumented immigrants, and President Trump repeatedly promised that a wall

The Trump Administration and the Effect on the E-2/E-1 Treaty Investor/Trader Visas

Since 1815, the U.S. has been signing bilateral treaties, including the E-1 treaty trader and E-2 treaty investor treaties, with other countries, that are ratified by Congress which allow citizens from other countries to get visas based on the establishment

Time to File Visa Petitions is Now: Fees Going up December 23rd

{2 minutes to read} For the first time in many years, applicants will need to pay substantially higher fees for certain visa petitions. The fees are set to increase on December 23, 2016. If you file anytime before that date,

H-1B Transfer Season is in Full Swing!

{2:25 minutes to read}  What is H-1B transfer season? An H-1B visa is the type of visa used by companies to hire people for professional positions. Each year, USCIS starts to accept H-1B petitions on April 1st. There's a cap

Hiring Foreign Workers Means Proving Your Ability To Pay Them The Prevailing Wage

E-2 Visa Attorney – H-1B Visa Attorney. Employers sponsoring foreign workers for green card employment must show that they have the ability to pay the new worker’s wages. When hiring through the EB-2 or EB-3 visa categories, employers must present