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SMA Law Firm Supports The Dreamland School of Ghana To Further Education. Please take a moment to learn about this cause and help us support or spread the word. Every dollar helps. 

Rerevend James Donkor Dugger had a dream. He started a charter school in his hometown of Akumadan, Ghana with a class of 15 children under two trees, but he wanted to do more. In fact he wanted to do something that had never been done in his hometown: Build a school for orphans and needy children where they could learn in a safe environment, a self-contained campus with all the necessary resources to learn, live and grow into young adults and be prepared to go to high school and beyond, to break the cycle of poverty and to become leaders in Ghana.

In 2009, Steve Maggi and his wife became the first volunteers at Dreamland School, and they fell in love with the children, with the school and with Ghana. After spending six weeks at the school they decided it would always be a part of their lives and resolved to help make the Reverend’s dream come true. A Facebook website was created and all trips and progress was recorded and broadcast. Then the final step became clear: To set up a 501(c)(3) entity in the U.S. to maximize potential funding for the Dreamland projects. This website serves as a testimonial to a dream begun in 2003, and a partnership between people from all over the world, which began in 2009, to make Dreamland School and its children, achieve all their dreams.

Click here to Donate or Click here to learn more about the Dreamland School of Ghana.

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