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Trump’s Vague and Empty Executive Order on H-1B

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President Trump signed a new Executive Order on April 18, 2017, two weeks after the H-1B season opened for Fiscal Year. The executive order commissions the Department of Homeland Security, to review the way the visas are processed and issued.with the goal of future H-1B visas going to highly paid, specially skilled applicants, and not

Building the Mexican Wall and Why It Won’t Solve America’s Illegal Immigration Problem

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Building the Mexican Wall  and Why It Won't Solve America's Illegal Immigration Problem One of the hot topics in the U.S. presidential campaigns was what should be done with America's illegal/undocumented immigrants, and President Trump repeatedly promised that a wall would be built between Mexico and the U.S. Before Trump, both Presidents George W. Bush

The Trump Administration and the Effect on the E-2/E-1 Treaty Investor/Trader Visas

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Since 1815, the U.S. has been signing bilateral treaties, including the E-1 treaty trader and E-2 treaty investor treaties, with other countries, that are ratified by Congress which allow citizens from other countries to get visas based on the establishment of businesses in the U.S. Essentially individuals from many of those 80 countries are eligible

Time to File Visa Petitions is Now: Fees Going up December 23rd

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{2 minutes to read} For the first time in many years, applicants will need to pay substantially higher fees for certain visa petitions. The fees are set to increase on December 23, 2016. If you file anytime before that date, you will only have to pay the current, less expensive fees. All documents submitted with

The final immigration hurdle: filing for removal of conditions on a spousal application for a green card.

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What happens when couples come face-to-face with the final immigration hurdle? Many people think that once the original petition for an immigrant spouse (I-130) is approved the application for removal of conditions is a mere formality. In fact, this is where USCIS will scrutinize the application the most. Removal of conditions allows the foreign spouse

News! News! – – Start Getting Your Documents in a Row for Expanded DACA (中国)

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在上一个博客文章中我提到行政法案和新的移民改革。移民局已经发布消息称他们将会在2015年,2月18日开始接收儿童暂缓递解(DACA)延期的申请表。基本情况如下: 谁符合申请标准:16以下来美国,目前没有合法身份,但是想要拿到工作证并且避免被遣送回国的孩子。