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About Immigrant Investor Visas EB-5

The United States Immigration Act of 1990 created a type of immigrant visa that would be available to those non-Americans who are able to invest $1 million in a business in the US provided that the business would employ at least 10 full time American workers, excluding the investor and his or her family members and others who may be in the US on nonimmigrant visas such as an H-1B. Those who qualify for this type of immigrant visa, which is generally known as an EB-5 Visa, may live permanently in the US , also bringing their spouses and children who are under 21 years old at the time of initial application (collectively “the Investor’s Dependents”).

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About Immigrant Petitions for Family Members

SMA handles family petitions of all kinds, and in all types of situations. U.S. citizens may petition for relatives who are outside the U.S., who are inside the U.S. legally (and must adjust their status to legal resident) and those who are in the U.S. illegally as well. SMA handles the petition filing and follow-up, as well as the preparation of the client for consular processing of their immigrant visa.
When the beneficiary is out of the U.S. and is legally inadmissible for reasons of previous deportation, criminal record or am illegal overstay in the U.S., SMA assists the beneficiary in removing their inadmissibility through a variety of waivers. When the beneficiary is illegally in the U.S. sometimes there is also a solution through cancellation of removal, which is processed through the immigration court.

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